Tuesday, 28 June 2011

56 more days

It's going to be a crazy next couple of months, or 56 days. I'm leaving on the 23rd of august. I have so much  still am getting ready for. I've talked to my first host family and am really excited to get to meet them. As you may not know I am going to live in France for a year thanks to Rotary youth exchange. Many people ask me why I want to just leave for a year, and I can't really answer them with a direct knowledgeable answer. Really I would love to see the world, have ties and connections around the around the world, as well as to be fluent in the language. I think the main thing that each rotarian student will experiance is the change with in them self, it will be a chance to start over and be the person we really want to be or become. So as crazy as i am for doing this exchange, its going to change my life, and be one thing that helped make me who I am today.

à bientôt