Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh my goodness its August

The past few weeks/weeks to come, are going to be by far the busiest I've been in a long time. There are, however, aa few more loose ends that I have to tie together, such as: getting my money visa, getting cash euro's, some shopping, and of course finish off my good-bye. I swear I am the worst person for saying good-byes, so I guess you could say I'm an expert at hellos. When I was little and my parents took me to the park, they had a difficult time getting me out of the park, annd no matter the kid, I would go up and introduce myself. I guess you could say the song 'hello, goodbye' by the beatles could relate to me in the lyrics, "I don;t know why you say goodbye I say hello."

My last day at work is on the 16th of this month, which I guess you could say I am excited for. I work at Canadian Tire, and have been working there for over 2 years as a cashier. At work the managers are very excited for me, they all say it will a good experiance for me, and I couldn't agree more with them. I would say I am blessed with stumbling across this opprotunity, one of my goals in life was to be fluent in more than just english. In order to fufill that goal i decided to take Spanish, so far I have completed my grade 10 and 11 year. I'm telling you thing because I often mix up my French and Spanish, so if later on I talk about saying something in Spanish instead of in French it won't just be out of the blue.

I'm still talking with my first host family and I am very excited to meet them, as they tell me they are to meet me.

Only 18 more days,

à bientôt