Monday, 11 July 2011

Packing Woot

So basically it's a month and a half ish till I leave. Last week I was on vacation in the shuswaps, during this time I read the book, Touch the Dragon by Karen Conelly (I think thats her last name). Anyways, I loved the book, and it connected greatly with me, since she was also a rotary exchange student. The book is just basically her diary of her time in Thialand; so as an insperation i guess from the book, I'm going structure my blog like my diary, well i guess it will be my online "diary", word for word of what I write in the one my grandpa and grandma bought me for my birthday.

Although I do have a short amount of time and a crap load of stuff I need to get done, it hasn't reached the point of becoming chaotic. The biggest thing I have to worry about is what to pack, as many of the other outbound girls in my district are also fretting over. According to my flight itinerary I can only bring ONE suitcase, a weight was not listed just one suitcase was determined. My dad decided to give me the biggest suit case we own and really its massive, then again I do have a fair bit to pack not only with clothing and gifts for my host families, but as well as my soccer crap. Oh well at lest my parents can mail me stuff if it's needed. Time to play tetris and get this thing all sorted out, cause I still have a month and a half :).

P.S. i won't start typing up my diary till i leave on the 23rd

à bientôt


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